…meditation is also not a religion. It is not self-indulgent or self-centered, nor does it have to be practiced in conjunction with a religion to be effective. Of course it can be, but that is up to each individual to choose. It does not require any special skills or background, it does not have to demand a huge chunk of time every day, and it is not an attempt to make you stop thinking or insist on only positive thoughts. In short, the ROI on the time spent meditating will simply astound you. 

You do not have to renounce your opinions, goals or passions, or shun fun in order to experience the benefits of meditation. In fact, it is a way to enhance your life and cultivate inner peace, which is one of the a cornerstones of true happiness.

Our easily downloadable Guided Meditation MP3’s on an array of subjects in 15, 30 and 60 minute versions utilize the power of creative visualization. Using them is one of the simplest and most effective ways to meditate. They help with the "mind chatter" that everyone experiences when they meditate by guiding you through the meditation and by continually reminding you to return to your breath so you remain in meditation and benefit from all the amazing things meditation has to offer.

There are no negative side effects to meditation (just lots of positive ones) and not one single issue you are concerned with that meditation, or one of our medically endorsed, Guided Meditations can’t help with, once applied.

With so much to be gained by meditating and the scientific proof backing it - and now that we have made it totally simple - you can't afford not to take the time to meditate.

“Some people think that meditation takes time away from physical accomplishment. Taken to extremes, of course, that’s true. Most people, however, find that meditation creates more time than it takes.”
— - Peter McWilliams, American Self-help Author

Scientists today are saying people who meditate for just 15 minutes a day or more…


  • able to “live in the present” rather than fret over unfulfilled desires or regrets of past actions/in-actions

  • able to stay “addiction free” up to 80% more

  • calmer, happier, healthier

  • less aggressive and less easily distracted

  • less overweight

  • more anxiety free and at peace

  • more creative (because their left and right brain hemispheres brain communicate more effectively)

  • more emotionally mature and empathetic

  • more energetic, fulfilled and more fun to be around

  • more grounded and inclined to sports & fun physical activities

  • more often inspired

  • more productive and waste less energy

  • more relied upon during a crisis

  • more resilient and stress free

  • more self-actualized and self-confident

  • often cured of infertility (the stresses of infertility can interfere with the release of hormones that regulate ovulation)

  • stronger and younger looking (for regular meditators, up to 12 years less than their chronological age)


  • a decreased level of cortisol, the “stress” hormone, that causes a plethora of negative effects on the body including everything from heart disease to a “a spare tire” around the belly

  • a deeper physical relaxation and long-lasting change for the better in brain electrical activity

  • less negative effects from depression and anxiety


  • a better capacity for intimacy with loved ones

  • a greater ability to solve complex problems or issues

  • a higher serotonin level which influences mood and behaviour positively

  • a purified character and significant decrease in restless thinking

  • a significant decrease in the tendency to worry and a slowed rate of mind aging

  • an increased ability to make more accurate judgments more often

  • an increased growth rate in intelligence

  • better developed listening skills and empathy

  • better learning ability and better long and short-term memory

  • better motor performance

  • better sense of personal responsibility

  • decreased potential mental illness

  • feeling vital and rejuvenated

  • greater emotional stability

  • greater focus and concentration

  • having greater control of one’s own thoughts

  • having more sociable behaviour

  • helping one deal with major and minor disasters with less toll on the emotional body

  • increased creativity and effective reactivity to stressful events

  • increased general tolerance and perception

  • increased self-confidence and will power

  • less need or dependency on drugs, pills and pharmaceuticals

  • less susceptibility to road rage and losing one’s temper

  • significantly better communication between left & right brain hemispheres

  • significantly improved relations at home and in the workplace

  • significantly improved relationships

  • the ability to be composed and act with consideration

  • the ability to be more constructive

  • the ability to cope with change better

  • the ability to develop a high level of emotional maturity

  • the ability to fall asleep easier and cure insomnia

  • the ability to grow a stable, balanced personality

  • the ability to not let small or petty issues become bothersome and the ability to see the “big picture” or “the view from 10,000 feet” in any situation

  • the cessation of bad or harmful habits

  • the cultivation of a heightened intuition

  • the need of less sleep time to recover from sleep deprivation

  • the resolution of phobias and fears


  • a deep level of relaxation experienced in the body and on a soul level

  • a deeper understanding of one’s self and others

  • a deeper, greater capacity for love

  • a harmonized mind/body/spirit connection

  • a more positive outlook on life

  • an increased ability to keep challenging things and events in perspective

  • being better able to forgive on a deep level

  • better self-love and self-acceptance

  • continually growing wisdom and happiness

  • discovering your life’s purpose more easily

  • greatly improved inner direction

  • increased overall levels of compassion

  • increased self-actualization and synchronicity

  • living in the present moment, free from fear of or anxiety over future events

  • more acceptance

  • more peace of mind

  • more energy to initiate and create change for the better from the inside

  • the ability to cultivate a closer, better and more fulfilling relationship with “God” or whatever name you afford the “Higher Power” you personally connect with best

  • the attainment of enlightenment

  • the experience of an inner sense of “knowingness”

  • the connectedness to the collective consciousness

  • the experience of a sense of “oneness” with all and everything

  • the riveting and surprising discovery of the power of consciousness beyond the ego!


  • attain weight goals faster, with greater ease

  • be better lovers and perform better sexually

  • breathe easier: better air flow into the lungs

  • cultivate better and better self-esteem

  • feel AMAZING (due to the serotonin uptake in their bodies - the natural “feel good” chemical that is released in the brain during meditation)

  • heal 25% faster after surgery

  • heal 4x faster, no matter what wellness initiative they undertake

  • perform better at sporting & athletic events


  • exercise longer and function better under stress

  • see “the big picture”

  • sleep better

  • solve complex problems more easily

  • suffer less of the effects of aging on the brain and body so they age slower

  • think clearly and have a greater attention span


  • a better digestive system

  • a better immune system

  • a greater capacity for love and acceptance

  • a harmonized endocrine system (the glands that regulate the body's growth & metabolism)

  • a lower oxygen consumption rate

  • a lower respiratory rate

  • a more relaxed nervous system

  • a reduced need for medical care

  • less need to take less sick days

  • a slower heart rate and better blood flow

  • better hair quality and skin tone

  • better inter-personal relationships

  • better overall brain functioning

  • better reasoning skills

  • better sex

  • better stamina and immune system

  • fewer addictions and higher energy levels

  • increased job satisfaction

  • less anxiety attacks due (because of lower less blood lactate)

  • less brain clutter, headaches & migraines

  • less free radicals and therefore less tissue damage

  • less muscle tension and pain with chronic diseases like arthritis and fibromyalgia

  • less risk of cardiovascular disease

  • lower cholesterol levels

  • more headache and migraine relief

  • more normalized blood pressure

  • more will-power and inner strength

  • reduced PMS symptoms

  • significant asthma relief

“The more man meditates upon good thoughts, the better will be his world and the world at large.”
— Confucius