Growing complexity in our external, narrative-driven world requires greater understanding, consciousness, resilience, clarity, focus and balance in our inner world if we are to thrive within it and feel at peace.

An evolved viewpoint would suggest that success is not defined by our achievements; how much we are able to “get done” in one day; how “busy” we are, or the job title or “position” we have, or the possessions we have; nor should our self-esteem be defined by those possessions or “position” as they are transitory and can only rob us of the same when we are attached to them, or if they are subsequently lost, stolen or taken away from us. The same evolved viewpoint would suggest that success can be defined by the quality of interaction with other-selves and animals; how the mind is used, namely what are our thoughts primarily are composed of; how much emotional intelligence we are able to cultivate; how much compassion we have for ourselves and other-selves; whether we are in service to others; how much light we carry; and the ultimate realization that we are all ONE.  

At MEDITATION.WORKS, we offer professionally crafted, free Guided Meditations on an array of topics, “Overcoming Addiction” being one of them, in 15, 30 and 60 minute versions, in order to help you meditate more easily so you can achieve whatever change it is you are endeavoring to.

Our basic programming, instincts and current 3-4D (moving into 5-D) paradigm (with a current Shumann resonance level that is off the charts) dictate that under stress, we will exhibit the fight-or-flight response, and when under constant stress, which is the case for most of us, the amygdala, the region of the brain believed to be responsible for processing fear, can override the mind’s ability to think rationally and can cause erratic behaviour, total “burn out”, or even bring on a full adrenal crash. For more on the Shumann resonance, please see the Blog section and the post from July 1st, 2019, where I repost an article by Dr. Joe Dispenza, international lecturer, researcher, corporate consultant, educator and author of Becoming Supernatural, which I highly recommend you read.

Based on scientific proof that can no longer be disputed, it will soon be common knowledge that meditation - has been for thousands of years, and continues to be - the answer to counteracting and balancing the more challenging emotional, psychological and physical aspects of current life on Planet Earth. One of those challenges being the very same fight-or-flight response mentioned above, or another common challenge most of us face, which is overcoming one form of addiction or another, by helping one achieve inner balance and peace, among other altered states of consciousness.

It is also the cornerstone of stress reduction, the growth of emotional intelligence, the evolution of consciousness, big-picture thinking, innovation, and building a conscious culture, among countless other benefits. Click HERE for an extensive list of the Benefits of Meditation.


Meditation is not just for monks and it doesn't have to be spiritual, though it certainly can be. The choice is up to you. Generally, meditation is for individuals who want to sharpen their minds, expand their consciousness, feel more balanced, happier and more insightful, among many other positive and wonderful things. 

In the workplace, Companies around the world, including Apple, Prentice-Hall, Google, Nike, AOL Time Warner, McKinsey & Co., Yahoo!, Deutsche Bank, Procter & Gamble, HBO and Toronto City Hall, among many others, are providing mindfulness and meditation training to their Employees, while urging them to meditate up to half an hour a day, on company time. As such, it is just a matter of time before the overwhelming statistics and real-time results from people meditating - either at work or beyond - starts to change the way we all think about meditation.

MEDITATION.WORKS offers free, easily downloadable MP3 Guided Meditations on an array of invaluable topics in 15, 30 and 60 minute versions for greater well being, balance and a myriad of other topics.


MEDITATION.WORKS Guided Meditation Topics include:

The Beginner's Guide to Meditation, Healing the Mind & Body, Cultivating Self Acceptance, Expressing Love & Gratitude, Manifesting Abundance, Building Resilience, Cultivating Clarity & Concentration, The Stress & Anxiety Buster, Breathing & Inspiration, and The Overcoming Addiction Series in 3 Parts, with 6 Support Guided Meditations.

We also offer Workplace Meditation Training and Workshops. For more information on our Workshops, click HERE. To access our Guided Meditation Store, click HERE.

Want to be a meditator but just can’t seem to clear your mind, or even sit still for longer than a count of 10? Finding yourself frustrated because you want the benefits of meditation but just can’t seem to “get it”? Let Renata’s soothing voice guide you. With confidence and genuine warmth, she will accompany you on your meditation journey to explore the mysteries of your soul. We all know Meditation Works. Let MEDITATION.WORKS show you how...
— M. Weingartner, San Francisco, CA

When I first heard one of Renata’s MEDITATION.WORKS Guided Meditations, I got goosebumps. I just knew they would help take my meditation experience to the next level. Not only did they, I have experienced such a profound sense of peace since I began meditating with them every day. This is one practice I will never give up.
— Elizabeth C. - Toronto, ON

A friend recommended MEDITATION.WORKS to me because I had an injury and was laid up in bed for awhile, wanting to do whatever I could to get better quickly. I began doing the Healing the Mind/Body Guided Meditation a couple of times a day. I am sure it helped me get back on my feet in record time, and it helped relax me and at the same time give me the energy to help heal my soul and body.
— Miranda W., Seattle, Washington