In the workplace, Companies around the world, including Apple, Prentice-Hall, Google, Nike, AOL Time Warner, McKinsey & Co., Yahoo!, Deutsche Bank, Procter & Gamble, HBO and Toronto City Hall, among many others, are providing mindfulness and meditation training to their Employees, while urging them to meditate up to half an hour a day, on company time. As such, it is simply a matter of time before the overwhelming statistics and real-time results from people meditating - either at work or beyond - starts to change the way we all think about meditation, each other and the world.

Current 24/7 demands of business are leading to greater instances of disease caused by high levels of continual stress, absenteeism, less effective decision-making, more instances of aggressive and passive-aggressive behaviour in the workplace, and lower employee engagement and productivity. While the hectic pace of business has been acceptable in the past, there is a growing realization and heightened desire for a more mindful and ultimately more pleasant and productive workplace.

MEDITATION.WORKS Workshops are offered in the GTA area, and are a proven, approach to developing emotional intelligence (EI), managing stress and building resilience, among many other benefits critical to finding balance in today’s workplace.

Forward-thinking Employers globally are using meditation to cultivate their own and their Employees’ EI - a characteristic that tends to be in short supply. “Everybody knows this EI thing is good for their career,” says Chade-Meng Tan, founder of Google's Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute, which is dedicated to self-improvement through meditation. “And every company knows that if their people have EI, they’re gonna make a shitload of money.”

Through our workshops, aside from EI development, Employees learn life-enhancing skills - among them, how to de-stress IMMEDIATELY - and are provided with the tools they need to build physical, psychological and emotional resilience, thereby reducing the collective health issues most often caused by stress, resulting in decreased absenteeism, lower health care costs, lower error rates at work, and a significant increase in motivation and productivity. All items that add up to lower employee costs and higher profits. 

Employees are also given the tools to help them accelerate any healing initiative they may undertake on their own by up to 25%. Happier, healthier individuals make happier, healthier and more productive Employees - a win/win situation all around.

Join the growing number of progressive employers who offer and promote workplace meditation such as Google, Yahoo!, Apple Computers, IBM, Deutsche Bank, General Motors, Ford Motors, Volvo, Toyota, Hughes Aircraft, AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals, Reebok International Ltd., Medtronic Inc. and the US Federal Trade Commission, along with more traditional organizations such as Deutsche Bank and McKinsey. Some of the companies in Toronto now implementing Mindfulness Meditation Stress Relief include Toronto General Hospital, the University Health Network, Siemens, RGA, Standard Life, Autodesk, Assante Wealth Management, My Planet, and Michael Page International, among a rapidly growing list of others.

All MEDITATION.WORKS workshops are carefully designed to address and resolve your Company’s specific issue(s), generate positive results immediately, and enhance those results over time. Workshops are equally highly beneficial to those new to meditation and long-time meditators.

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8-week, De-stress & Build Resilience Workshop

This workshop is offered once a week over an 8 week period. The first session is 1 hour in length and the balance are 30 minutes in length.

There are 3 options and investment levels for this workshop depending on the needs of your group:

Option 1: A MEDITATION.WORKS Instructor leads all 8 sessions of the workshop and is present to answer any questions from participants that may come up. (Maximum 20 participants)

Option 2: A MEDITATION.WORKS Instructor leads the first, 1 hour session then provides an Instruction Booklet and Guided Meditation recordings to a group Ambassador (someone from your organization) who will organize and facilitate the remaining 30 minute sessions. The Ambassador will be fully trained by the Instructor in a separate session. The Ambassador is provided with Guided Meditation recordings specifically chosen for the group’s needs by the MEDITATION.WORKS Instructor and needs only to organize a space for the sessions, ensure the attendance of employees at the session, and follow the instructions provided in the Instruction Booklet to prepare individuals for each meditation, then play the Guided Meditation recordings for workshop participants. Any questions that may arise during these sessions are passed on by the Ambassador to a MEDITATION.WORKS Instructor (forms are provide for this) and will be answered within 48 hours in written form. (Maximum 20 participants)

OPTION 3: A fully downloadable version of the 8 sessions including a fun and informative video and detailed Instruction Booklet outlining each session are provided to your company's chosen Meditation Facilitator, as are also 9 Guided Meditation recordings to play (2 during the first session and 1 per remaining session). Any questions that may arise during these sessions are passed on by the Workshop Facilitator to a MEDITATION.WORKS Instructor (forms are provide for this) and will be answered within 48 hours via email. (A maximum of 20 participants per session is recommended)



8-week ADVANCED De-Stress and Build Resilience Workshop

The ADVANCED workshop is the same format as WORKSHOP 1, however after the initial 1 hour session, each remaining session is 45 minutes in length. During the ADVANCED sessions the MEDITATION.WORKS Instructor will delve deeper into the practice of meditation and provide each participant with a greater understanding of their causes of stress and how they take their toll on the human body and psyche, and teach them several additional techniques to de-stress effectively so they can be more productive and feel healthier, stronger, more integrated and more balanced than ever.

A MEDITATION.WORKS Instructor leads all 8 sessions of the workshop and is present to answer any questions that may come up from participants. (Maximum 20 participants)



Core-Leadership Executive Workshop

This 8-week Workshop is specifically designed to create cohesive leadership within your organization through the power of meditation and creative visualization. The purpose is to build momentum towards an integrated leadership team that will significantly move the needle in the corporation towards productivity gains, building a committed organization from the ground up, with significantly decreased health issues caused by stress.

Each Workshop will be led by Renata Duma, founder of MEDITATION.WORKS, either in person or by teleconference.



All MEDITATION.WORKS Workshops include:

1.  A fun and informative video on “What Meditation Is and Isn’t"

2.  A digital copy of the MEDITATIONWORKS Meditator’s Handbook & Journal

3.  A Question Form in digital format for any questions that may arise during workshop sessions

4.  Three free Guided Meditation recordings (in MP3 format) of each participant’s choice to assist with ongoing meditation practice

5.  Full access to the MEDITATIONWORKS website which includes a bi-monthly newsletter, a weekly blog by Renata Duma and access to a weekly, live teleconferenced Guided Meditation with Renata Duma

All workshops are flexible and can accommodate even the most demanding schedules. To book your workshop of choice, to download the Online Workshop, or for more information, please click on the link below.


A message from one of our clients:


I would like to extend our gratitude for an amazingly inspirational session. I was afraid in the beginning that the men may not be interested in meditation, but after getting their feedback today, I feel they were really inspired and liked the energy.

Thank you again, and we look forward to having more motivational interaction with you in the future.

Best regards,
K.H., Project Coordinator
EPIC, Maple, ON

A message from Dr. Rose K. Gantner, Author of Workplace Wellness; Performance With a Purpose, Well Works Publishing, Leading Workplace Wellness Consultant in the USA, and endorser of MEDITATION.WORKS and its Guided Meditations:

"Adults are most likely to change in healthful ways when they are ready, supported by friends and family, and when they enjoy an inviting work culture, solid benefits, incentives and company policies backed by opportunities to improve health initiatives.

Mindfulness and meditation are so important and needed in the workplace to tame the frenzy of emotions and help people focus and sustain concentration better too. Once people learn to breathe properly they can learn to control so many physiological responses that are so automatic with the "fight or flee" pattern. Mindfulness and Meditation are winners in the workplace along with brain health, resilience and other components of positive psychology. Most health solutions I believe are psychosocial and not medical-- the companies that realize this will win in the future marketplace because it really is about being contented with life satisfaction, happiness, being socially connected,  and learning to increase one's human capacity to adapt and grow through resilience, rather than focus on illness."